The very beautiful bride to be Cirea attends one of the best schools ever...Michigan State University! Cirea's first job was an Administrative Assistant at Michigan State University during her freshman and sophomore year.

It just so happens that a very handsome young man (the groom) by the name of Cameron worked there as well. They crossed paths many times being cordial with each other. One day Cameron sparked up a conversation and the rest was history!

Cameron is still employed at MSU and just received a promotion and is doing an awesome job! Cirea still works for MSU but took a job in another division after the division she was working in closed. 

Cirea will graduate this May 2015 with a Bachelors Degree and on the job experience in Early Childhood Development! So please feel free in congratulating them both on their accomplishments and their engagement! Keep them in your prayers and if you should choose to leave a marital tip or message please keep it clean.

**Please don't forget to donate for Cirea's studio recording single "Love Letter" written by Cirea and produced by Vincent Rutley.

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